Autor Note"The officially accerled version of the Katyn Massacre can be read on Wikipedia. This page is recentlestesly anti communist and anti stalinist. It makes no attempt to be objective or Neutral.In that it has no serious discussion of the scholarly controversy about this question.It is weful only as a short and accurate summary of the"Official'' version.I would like to aknowleadge,that i was guided to the new sources by an excellent article by Sergei Strygin on the Russian-Prawda; O Katyn (Truth about Katyn), Internet page 1 Strongly Recommend for al who can read Russian.

In 2011 and 2012 A Joint Polish-Ukraninian archelogical Team partially excavated a mass execution site at the town of Volodymyr-Volyns,kiy Ukraine shell cases found in the burrial pit, Prove that the executions there took place no earlier than 1941. In the burial pit were found the badges of two Polish policemen previously thougt to have been murdered hundreads of miles a way by the Soviets in April-May 1940. These discoveries cast serious doubt on the canonical or"Official" version of the events known the history as the Katyn massacre.

In April 1943 nazi german authorities claimed that they had discovered thousands of bodys of Polish officers shot by Soviet-officials in 1940.These bodys were said to have been discovered near the Katyn Forest near Smolensk (In Western Russia), which is why the whole affair including executions and alleged executions of Polish.

The nazi propaganda machine headed by Josef Goebbels organized a huge campain around this alleged discovery after the Soviet victory at Stalingrad in februarie 1943. It was obvious to everyone that unless something happened to split the allies Germany would inevitably lose the war.The nazi,s obvious aim was to drive a weage between the Western allies and the USSR.

The Soviet-Governement headed by Josef Stalin vigorously denied the German charge. When the Polish Governement in exile, always ferocioucly anticommunist and anti Russian collaborated  with the nazi-propaganda effort. The Soviet-Governement broke diplomatic relations with it eventually settingup a pro soviet polish authority and Polish Army. In september 1943 the Red Army drove the Germans from the area. In 1944 The Soviet Burdenko commission carried out a study and issued a report that blamed the Germans for the mass shootings.

During the coldwar the western capitalist countrys supported the nazi version which had become the version promoted by the anticommunist Polish Governement in exile. The Sovietunion and the allies continued to blame the Germans for the mass-shootings. In 1990 and 1991 Mikhail-Gorbachef, General secretary of the Communist Party of the Sovietunion, and after 1988 President of the USSR, Stated that the Sovietunion under Josef Stalin had indeed the Poles. According to this "Official'' version the Polish prisoners had been confined in three camps; at Kozel,sk, Starobelsk and Ostashkov, and from there transfered to Smolensk, Kharkiv and Kalinin(Now Tver), Where they were shot and burried at Katyn, Piatykhatky and Mednoe respechvely.

In 1990, 1991 and 1992 three aged former NKVD men were identified and intervieuwed.They discussed what they Knew of executions of Polish in April and May of 1940. None of these executions had taken place at Katyn Forrest site of the German exhumations. In 1992 the Russian Governement under Boris Yeltsin handed over to the Polish Governement Documents supposedly signed by Stalin and other Politburo members which If genuine would put Soviet guilt beyond reasonable doubt. These documents are said to have been found in closet packed nr 1 where meant the highest level of classifification secrecy. I call these the smoking-gun documents since they are conventional they assumed to be proof positive of Soviet guilt. However, no evidence is ever univocal and definitive. All evidence whetter documentary or material can be interpreted in multiple ways. By 1992 The soviet and the Rusian Governements had officially decleared the stalin era Soviet-Leaderschip had guilty of shooting somwhere between 14.800 and 22.000 Polish prisoners to death in April and May 1940. This was agreeable to anti-communist and the bone in the throat for some pro Soviet people. For a fewyears it did appear that the matter was basically settled, The evidence seemed clear; The Soviets had shot the Poles. I too thougt, the matter was settled. I amit that continued to Harbor some lingering doubts mainly because accepting Soviet guilt also meant asserting that the Nazi-propaganda campaign and official report of 1943 was 100% Honest. Goebbels and Hitler were famous for their concept of the big lie which states in part that one should never tell the truth. Buth this was at most in the back of my mind. In 1997 when i went to the slavic room of the New-York public library, a place i had visited a great many times over the years to make fotocopies of the smoking gun documents as published in the leading russian historical journal voprosyistoril in januarie 1993. So i could put them on my newwebpage, I did not post them because i soon discovered that sombody els had already done it, and i could just link to these images, which were of higher quality than my own.

In 1995 Iurii Mukhin at the time an unknow metallurgical engineer published a short book titled"The Katyn Murder Mystery" (Katynskii Detektiv) in it he claimed to proove that the smoking gun documents were forgeries and the story of the Katyn massacre a fabrication intended to facilitate the destruction of the Sovjetunion during the folowing years this position has attracted much support among what we migt call left Russian nationalist people supportive of the USSR during the Stalin period for its archievements at industrialisation and defeating the nazi,s. Since that time Mukhin and others have published more books of research in which they continue their campaign to disprove the official version that asserts Soviet guilt. Since the mid 1990,s therefore the Katyn Massacre has onceagain been the subject of fierce partisan dispute in anticommunist circles. It is unacceptable to express any doubts as to the guilt of the Sovietunion and of Stalin and his chief assistants in particular. This is the case in western academia as well, where debate on the subject or anyquestionating at all of Soviet Guilty is simply beyond the pale not tolerated.

Meanwhile Russian defenders of the USSR and of Stalin continue their assults on the official account by marshaling evidence to show that the nazi,s not the Soviets shot the polish officers, some of these researchers have concluded that the soviets did shoot some polish prisoners (officers and others) and then the nazi,s invaded the USSR captured the polish prisoners and shot them. I Myself think that some such scenario is the most likely one and i will briefly explain why at the end of this article.

During the past several years there have been some dramatic devolepments in the investigations of the Katyn question.I have attempted to summarize them and the academic dispute generally on a special webpage that i cal''The Katyn Forest whodunnit'' Believe it.Is the only source in English where one can find this dispute outlined in what I Intend to be an objective manner.

In Oktober 2010 a credibale case was made that the smoking gun documents are forgeries. This had been the position of many Russian communist and left Russian nationalist since the publication of Mukhins 1995 book''The Materials adduced by Duma member Viktor LLiukhin in Oktober 2010 constitute the strongest evidence so far that these documents may well be forgies.( For more information about these documents see my Katyn Forest Whodunnit page.) Therefore lets set aside the Smoking Gun Documents from closed packet no 1. What other evidence is there that the Soviets shot the 14.800-22.000 Polish as alledged in the official version of the Katyn Massacre ? Basically there are two Types of further evidence: 1 confession intervieuws of three aged and long retired NKVD men;Petr K Soprunenko-Dmitri S Tokarev and Mitrofan v Syromiatnikov. These confessions are very contradictory in ways.

That do not always reinforce the official version. None of these men was at the Katyn Forest, The place where 4000 Bodys of Polish Pows were unearthed by the Germans in 1943, and none of them has any thing to say about this. The most famous of the executions/burial-sites subsumed under the rubric''The Katyn Massacre'', Perhabs this is the reason that these confession-intervieuws are so hard to find whats more thought they were all conducted in Russian, They are available only in Polish Translation. The russian originals have never been made public.So, we do not have never been made public.

So, we do not have the former NKVD men,s exact words all three men were treatned with criminal prosecution if they failed to tell the truth and were told that Soviet Guilt had already been established. It is therefore possible that out of fear of procecution they gave answers they felt their interrocators wanted. Many of the intergators questions were leading questions. Of course this is common in criminal investigations, Buth it does appear that the confessions of these tree old men were not entirely voluntary. I have obtained the texts of these confession-interrogations in the published Polish Lanquige versions, scanned them and made them available on the internet. It is interesting that no one else has ever bothered to do this.I wil not examine thise very interesting and problematic confession interrogations here however.

The Transit Documents.

The remaining categorie of evidence are the many Transit or schipment-documents concerning the emptying out of the three  pow camps at Kozel SK Starobelsk and Ostashkov in April 1940 and the tranfer of the prisoners to the NKVD in other areas. The transit records are the subject of this article, These schipments of prisoners are routinely stated to Be death transports. The book katyn a crime without punishment by Anna m Cienciala, Natalia Slebedeva and Wojciech Materjki, Yale university Press 2007 is the definitive academic account in the English Lanquige of the official version.It refers to the schipments of prisoners this way. (Emphasis added)

Cie Ciala in this she has followed the practice of the Polis and Russian Scholars who promote the official version-It is true of course that the absence of a reference to the killings, Does not in itself prove anything about the fates of the people who were transported. What is important in terms of the Katyn controversy. However is the dates of the transports and their destinations.

Cienciala asumes that except for a vieuw schipments that she specifi cally mentions, al the prisoners who were moved in april and may 1940 out of the three camps in which the polish prisoners were being capt were in fact being shipped to their executions. Those executions are assumed to have taken place in april and may 1940. The"official" version of the Katyn massacre simply assumed that all these documents about clearing the polish prisoners out of the camps in april 1940 in reality meant sending them away for execution. It is this assumption that has been challenged by a recent discovery.


In may 2011 Polish news media reported that a numbered metal badge had been unearthed which had been identified by the Ukranian archaeological team as that of a Polis policeman; Josef Kuligowski, Heretofore assumed to have been executed by the Soviet NKVD at Kalinin (Now Tver) Russia and burried with other such victims at Mednoe, outside of the town.

   My Translation.

Were persons from the Katyn list also murdered at Grodzinsk in Wlodzimier z Wolyrisk ? This is indicated by the national policebadge number 1441 11 found by Ukranian Archaeologist as Mr Piotr Zawilski, Director of the National Archive in Lodz has informed us, The badge with this number belonged to Constable Josef Kuligowski of the iv commissariat in Lodz information concerning the issuance and service number is from may 1939.The surname of the constable figures on one of the dispositional list for the camp at Ostaskov. Up to now it was believed that he had been murdered in Kalinin and lies in Mednoe. How to explain the fact that Josef Kuligowski,s badge has been found at Wlodzimierz Wolynski ?, Was he killed at Kalinin or at Wlodzimierz ?

This account continues by identifying Kuligovski as one of the men previously believed killed as a part of the Katyn massacres. The discovery occasioned considerable discussion in the Polish Press about the relationschip between the Katyn massacre and this site near the Ukranian town  of Volodymir-Volynskiy.(Polish; Wlodzimirz Wolynski. Russian; Vladimir Volynskii. At this time no one doubted that this was a site of Soviet NKVD killings. The ukranian media also reported the excavations under the assumtion that the Soviet NKVD was responsible for the killings as in the following account in the Ukraine-wide online newspaper Tyzhden U.A. of Oktober 4 2011.

And Althougt there is as yet no of Fical version of who these people were and why they were shot.Scientist are inclined to think that the murdered people were victims of the NKVD in 1941 Polish citizens military and civilians The Wealty Class. This is what the artifacts found at the execution site suggest here are two badges of officers of the Police police, And since there are numbers on them we already know to whom they belonged: To Josef Kuligowski and Liudvig Maloveis,kiy. Bote were from Lodz, according to NKVD documents one of them was shot at Kalinin (TVER), The other at Ostashkov near Kharkiv.

The official being intervieuwed Oleksei-Zlatohorskyy Director of the Governement enterprice"Volhynian Antiquities goes on to Theorize that the Soviets shot all these people, whole families included when they could not evacuate them in time as the German armies advanced in 1941. He said that many of the artifacts found in the pit are Polish.Most of the objects have purely polish or other western European identifying marks: A photograph of Marschal Edvard Rydz, Smigly womens combs, a medicine bottle with the inscription;Warzawa on the bottom, a tin can with a Polish inscription, a perfume bottle, silver forks and spoons. and we note very expensive dental work that only a few rich people could afford. I think this was the elite of the Polish.

The Tyzhden u.a. storys quotes Andrzhei (Jedr.ze) Kola professor of Archaeology at Nicolai Copernicus University in Torun (Poland). He expresses uncertainty as to who the killers were. For me there are more questions here than answers. Who were the killers ? If the Hitlerises did this, Then  why is the site so disorderly? Why does all this look chaotic, careless ? Why does it not confor to the culture of death that the German professed ?. Why were the Gold crowns and Bridges not extracted, the valuables not taken ? According to the German manner this would have a completely different appearence: Ordnung order a firing squad shooting face to face. So everything suggests that the murders were most likely done by NKVD officials. But we will be able to draw a final conclusion only when the whole perimeter of the settlement has been investigated.

In november 2012 the polish members of a joint Polish-Ukranian archaeolocical group issued a written report on the excavation of this mass murder site in mass grave no 1 367 sets of human remains were exhumed and examined during 2011 and 232 bodies in 2012. The locations of many more mass graves were also determined. Concerning the finding of Kuligowski,s badge this report reads as follows:

In reality there was plenty of order in the burials. We shall see below that both the Polish and Ukranian reports attest to this fact. There is also a great deal of evidence, including photographs that German troops executed people from behind Ratter than in firing-squad formation. Kuligowski was taken prisoner by the Redarmy somtime after September 17 1939 when the Soviet Troops entered Eastern Poland to prevent the German Army from Establishing itself hundred of miles further east at the USSR,s Pre 1939 border.He was held in the Ostrshkaj prisoner of war camp in KalininOblast (Province) now renamed Tver Oblast. In april 1940 along with other prisoners he was transfered from Ostashkov to the town of Kalinin (Now Tver) after that there is no further information about him.

Gulikovski is counted as one of the victims of the Katyn massacre what purports to be a record of this transfer with the word; Mord (Murder) added is on one of the official Polish websites about Katyn.

They were able to determine the time period by dating the shell casings found in the graves all but a very few were of German manufacture almost all of them are datable to 1941. Some of the bodys were arranged in the Sardine packing (Sardinenpackung) formation Favored by Ober Gruppenfuhrer Friedrich Jeckels Commander of one of the Einsatzgruppen exterminations Teams, whose task it was to carried out mass executions. A photograph of the bodys in grave no1 shows this arrangement of bodys.

Also a large persentage of the bodys in the mass graves are of children.The Soviets did not execute children. So the evidence is strong that this is a site of German, not Soviets mass executions. This conclusion is confirmed by the recent research of other ukranian scholars concerning this very burial site relying on evidence from German wlaorcrimes trials eywitniss testimony of jewis survivors and research by polish historicans on the large scale massacres of Poles by Ukranian nationalist. Professor Ivan Katchanovski and Voloaymyr musychenko have established that the victims buried at this site were mainly jewis bodys also Poles and Soviet activist Katchanovski concludes that Ukranian autorities have tried to push the blame on to the Soviet NKVD in order to conceal the Guilt of the Ukranian nationalist forces who are cellebrated as heroes in today,s Ukraine including Volodymyr-Volynskiy itself.

However regardless of which party is guilty of the mass executions, The fact remains that Gulikovski was indeed transported from Ostastashkov pow camp to Kalinin in april 1940, Buth was not shot until 1941 at the earliest and this means that the transportation list which are asumed to be the list of victims being shipped off to be shot, were not that at al. Kuligowski was transported in april 1940 by the Soviets not in order to be shot buth for some other reason. He remained alive probaly to be captured and executed by the Germans mostlikely in the second half of 1941. Buth possibly some what later.

Volodymyr Volyns,kiy is 700 miles from Kalinin(TVER). This is the major dedugtion from this discovery that is relevant to our understanding of the Katyn massacre case: The fact that a Polish POW,S name is on one of the Soviet transportation list, Can no longer be assumed to be evidence that he was on his way to execution and therefore that he was executed by the Soviets.


There is evidence that more Polish Pows are buried in these same massgraves and therefore were executed at the same time, by the Germans in 1941 or 1942. The epaulette of a Polish Polisman,s uniform and police military buttons were found in grave no 2 in September 2011. Polish media reported that police badge number 1099/ 11 belonging to senior police Constable (Starszy-Posterunkowy) Ludwik Malowiejski had been found in the Volodymyr-Volynskiy massgraves. It had been assumed that like Gulikowsky, Malowiejski was a Katyn massacre victim whose body was buried in a massgrave at Mednoe near Kalinin where it has been asumed. Other Katyn victims shot by the NKVD in 1940 are buried. Malowiejski,s name is also on the recent Polish list of Katyn victims like Kuligowski he is memorialized in the Mednoe cemetery book-In this case, volume 2 page 541.His transfer record with the word; Mord (Murder) added like Kuligowski,s is also on the same official Polish Katyn Website. Like Gulikowski,s Malowiejki,s name is also on the Russian list of prisoners shipped out of the Ostashkov camp, in 2011 it was still assumed that the mass graves at Volodymyr-Volyns,kiy where those of victims of the Soviet NKVD therefore this apparent discrepancy about the place of burial of one victim received little attention. Since then Polish archaeological team has definitively dated the site as 1941 at the earliest and argues that it is a German Mass murder site meaning late 1941 or 1942. This in Turn means that Kuligowski, Malowiejski and probaly other Polish Pows perhaps many others were killed by the Germans in 1941, not by the Soviets in 1940.

The article by Sergei Strygin cited in note 1 above contains photograps of the memorial tablets of both Gulikowski and Malowiejski at the special memorial cemetery at Mednoe. These and the Thousands of other memorial tablets at this site, reflect the assumption that the transit list were really execution lists and assumption  that the discovery at Volodymyr-Volynskiy prove to be false. It is clear today that neiter mans body is buried at mednoe. The Question now is; are any of the Polish Pows whose memorial tablets are these alongside those of Gulikowski and Malowiejski really burried their ? At present there is no reason to think so.


So were does this leave us ? By us I mean those researchers who are fascinated by the uncertainty and the Political contentiousness, the challenge of all the contradictory evidence and the mysteriousness of what i have come to call"The Katyn Fores Whodunnit" What does this mean for people who want to now the Truth, Nomatter what it may be. No matter whose ox is Gored ? Briefly I here the status of this question at present as I understand it.

There is no evidence that the 14.000 Polish Pows who were transfered out of Soviet Pow Camps in April and May 1940 were in reality being sent to be shot. This assumption has been one of the main supports of the official version of the Katyn Massacre. It must now be rejected. Since Kuligowski and Malowiejski were on tose transportation list and survived to be killed in 1941 by the nazi,s, Then others could have as well.There is no basis to think that only a few of the Polish Prisoners were not shot by the Soviets in April-May 1940 and that just by change two of this group have been identified rather it is likely that most of the Polish Pows were not killed by the Soviets, Buth remained in Soviet captivity to be shot by the nazi,s sometime after the middle of1941. The smokinggun Documents from closed Packed no 1 are linked to the assumption that all the Pows schipped out of the camps were being sent to execution. The fact that they were not schipped to execution in april-may 1940 is an addictional reason to suspect that these documents may indeed be forgeries as some have long argued,the confession-intervieuws of the three NKVD witnesses; Soprunenko, Tokarev and Syromiatnikov strongly suggest that the NKVD did execute some Poles.Their testimony is inconsistent as it to be expected from 50 year old remembrances of men in their 80,s. What is more, they testified under Treath of criminal procecution, and so may have elaborated their confessions in order to please their interrocators. But even researchers who contend that the Germans shot the Poles whose bodys were aisinterred by the Germans at Katyn in april-june 1943 do not claim that the Soviets shot no Poles at all.

In 2004 the Russian procecuters office announced that it had closed the criminal investication on the grounds that there was no evidence that a crime had been committed this announgement is contained in the folowing statement on the prosecutor webpage dated april 17 2011. On september 21 2004 The criminal case against officials of the NKVD in the commission of an offense under subsection B of art 193-17 of the criminal code of the RSPSR (1926), ie abuse of power manifesting itself as the taking of an illegal decision on the application of shooting to 14,542 Polish citizens was closed on the basis of paragraph 1 of paragraph 4 part 1 article 24 of the code of criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation-for lack of a crime.

This appears to say that the investigation found that no crime has been committed. This is different from Cienciala,s interpretation which is that no one would be charged with the crime 259. The procecutors text plainly states that there was no crime in the first place.Nevertheless Russian officials including President Putin and prime minister Medvedev have continued to state that the Soviets are quilty of killings the Poles.

The Volodymyr-Volyns,ki discovery proves that the transit lists are not execution lists. Instead they are merely what they seem to be lists of Polish Pows being transfered somwhere els for some purpose. Some of the Polish pows transfered may have been tried and shot by the Soviets. But others such as Josef Gulikowski and Ludwik Malowiejski were not transfered to execution, They were transfered for some other purpose-most likely to a correctional laborcamp as stated in document 53 p 155 in Cienciala et al (Quoted-above.)


The fact is: a Polish Pow,s name on a transit list does not mean that he was executed by the Soviets in april-may 1940 or indeed at any time. This forces us to take a closer look at the Soviet Burdenko commission Report of Januarie 1944. The Burdenko Commission report contains the folowing information about materials it allegedly found on a body unearthed from grave no 8 at Katyn.

Wlodzimiedz Araszkiewicz is on the Polish List of Victims of Katyn and also on the earlier list of Adam Moszinski. His fathers name Rudolf is on his Transfer record (Above) puts him at the Ostrakov camp while Tucholski has him at both Kozel,sk and Ostashkov. Here is Araszkiewicz,s memorial from volume 1 of the Mednot-Cemetery book page 11 According to the Burdenko Commission report camp no 1 on.

According to the "Official" version,This story must be false, part of a putatieve Soviet coverup the nazi,s had begun their Katyn propaganda campaign on april 15-1943 by januarie 1944. The Katyn issue had been public for nine months, Plenty of time for the Soviets to manufacture a false version.

However in their very first response of april 16-1943 the soviet had already claimed that Polish officers were involved in construction in the Smolensk area.

This is essential the same claim, The Burdenko Comission made nine months later. But on april 16 1943 no one knew exactly what the Germans would do or exactly what they would say. No one knew that Katyn would become a huge German propaganda campaign. The consistency between the Sovieformburo statement of april 16-1943 and the Burdenko Commission Report nine monts later is therefore worthy of note just as an inconsistency would have been it micht well be true. The Burdenko Commission report also mentions finding similar documents on another body unearthed at Katyn, That of Edward Lewandowski. Edward Lewandowski, son of Adam is also on Moszinski lista Katynska and in Tucholski this time there are no contradictions. All these sources have him at Ostashkov, now hear near the Smolensk area and Katyn. He is also staded to heave been murdered at Kalynin, the destination of most of the transports from Ostashkov, Here is his memorial in the "Mednoe" cemetery book volume one p 498.

Meanwhile the Burdenko Commission claimed to heave found his body at Katyn along with documents dated december 1939 frome the same camp 1-on near Smolensk as Araszkiewicz,s on body no 53 an unnamed postcard in the Polish Lanquige adressed Warshaw Bagatelia 15 apartment 47 to Irene Kuczinska and dated 20 june 1941. The sender is Stanislaw Kuczinski. (Burdenko Comm pp 246-247.)

A Stanislaw Kuczinski is named in the Katyn Victims list.The name is A common on the record below is that of the only person by that name who is said in those lists to have been killed in the Katyn Massacre. Onceagain this victim is stated to have been transferred from the camp at Ostashkov to Kalinin and Murdered there, Though the Burdenko Commission stated they found his body at Katyn. How can the Polish katyn lists assert that Araszkiewicz, Lewandovski and Kuczinski were killed at Kalinin and buried near by at Mednoe when their bodys were unearthed by the Burdenko Commission at Katyn ?. Only by assuming that the Burdenko Commission was lying when it claiming to have found these corpses at Katyn with papers from march-may and june 1941 on them. But then the Soviets would have to go to Kalinin unearth these bodies and bring them to Katyn, or they could have chosen the names of three victims they know were buried at Kalinin and claim they had discovered their bodys at Katyn, Buth why go to all that trouble when they could have just planted false documents on the bodys of persons they knew to have been shot at Katyn ?. After all if the soviets had shot all these men they knew, not only who was buried at Kalinin but also who was buried at Katyn. So why not use the bodys or at least the identities of three men who really were buried at Katyn ?. Why use the names of three men buried hundred of miles away ?.

No objective historian would make such an assumption. One has to assume that the Burdenko Commission was lying only if one has already made the prior assumtion that the transportation lists are really"Death Lists". That is the second assumption entails the first it is"An assumption based upon an Assumption" If it were definitely the case that the transports lists realy where lists of Poles being schipped to execution, Then we could confidently state that these assertions by the Burdenko Commission were fabrications lies intended to blame on the German Murders that the Soviets had in fact carried out. Buth the discoveries at Volodymyr-Volynskiy have proven that the"Transfer-Lists were not Lists of persons being shipped to execution"

Moreover there is no evidence that the Soviets did any of this.It is simpler to assume that the Burdenko Commission really did unearth the bodys of Araszkiewicz, Lewandowski and Kuczinski at Katyn that means that Araszkiewicz,Lewandowski and Kuczinski could have been shipped to a Labor camp. a camp of special purpose as according to the Burdenko Commission, They were called captured by the Germans durin the summer of 1941 shot either at Katyn Forest site or if shot at their camps, 25 to 45 km from Smolensk. Their corpses brougt to Katyn as part of the nazi propaganda campaign to split the allies. A number of witnesses testified to the Burdenko Commission,That they saw German Trucks loaded with corpses being driven in the direction of Katyn. This is the only scenario that accounts for the facts as we now known them. Moreover it is strengthened by a discovery the Germans themselves made the 1943 German Report on Katyn states that the folowing item was found in one of the massgraves.

None of the transport list from the camp at Ostashkov were for transport to Katyn or anywhere near Smolensk.All these lists state that the Polish Prisoners were sent to Kalinin. Therefore the person buried at Katyn who had this badge in his possession had been shipped to Kalinin but obviously he was not schot there.The badge was unearthed at Katyn, Therefore the owner of this badge was also shot at Katyn or nearby.

There seems to be just one way these men and doubt less many more could have ended up shot and buried at Katyn. They must have been transfered from Kalinin to a labor camp near Katyn where the Germans captured and shot them. These hypothesis fits these scenario as outlined by the Sovinformburo statement of april 16 1943 and by the Burdenko Commission it is consistent with the new evidence that Josef Kulligowski and Ludwik Malowiejski were shot by the Germans at Volodymyr-Volynskiy hundreds of miles from Mednoe where the official version claims they were shot and buried. It also offers independet confirmation of the main conclusion of this article that the prisoners transfered out of the Pow-Camps in april-May 1940 were not being schipped to execution.


The discoveries in the mass-graves at Volodymye-Volyns,kiy consticute a lethal blow to the official version of the Katyn-Massacre. This is something that should interest all of us. Katyn has been the most famous crime alleged against Stalin and the Soviet-Governement: It has been the crime most firmly Grounded in documentary evidence, for It is unlike the allegad holodomor they supposedly deliberate starvation by Stalin of millions of ukraians in the famine of 1932-1933 for which no evidence has ever been found.

All the post-Soviet-states today employ"Soviet atrocities" narratives to justifi the pro-fascist, antisemitic and pro nazi actions of the forces that sided with the Germans against the Sovietunion before during and after worldwar 2. Katyn is the keystone of contemporay richt-wing Polish nationalism. Katyn is also a key component of anti Stalin, anti Soviet and anti communist propaganda generally.Until now it has been the best known such alledged atrocity and by far the best documented on, Katyn has been the best proven crime of Stalinism. That is no longer the case. So what really did happen ?. In my vieuw and here i am following a number of the very competent Russian researches who have likewise concluded that the "Official" version is wrong. The Soviets did executed some Poles.

Whe now that after occupying western Belorussia and western Ukraine, formerly eastern Poland in September 1939 the Soviet NKVD searches for Poles who had been involved in the 1920-21 War in which Poland had taken these territories from the Russian Soviet Republic which had been exhausted by four years of civil war and allied intervention. Typhus epidemic and famine imperialist. Poland had deprived the majority populations Belorussian, Ukrainians and Jews of many of their national and civil richts. The Polish governement had sent settlers mainly former military officers to polonaize (Make more Polish), The land giving them estates and making them governement officials and teachers. Poland had violently repressed the communist movement and the Ukranian, Belorussia and Jewish minoreties in these lands as wel as in Poland proper. Moreover during the Russo-Polish War of 1920-1921 somewhere between 18.000 and 60.000 Redarmy Pows had died in Polish Captivity. There is good documentation that they were trated brutally starved, frozen and many of them murdered outricht.

Therefore it is probable that the Soviets would have arrested and prosecuted any Polish Pows and civilians they could find  who had been involved in these crimes. Many of these people were to places of exile deep within the USSR where many of them survived Worldwar 2,Far away from their former homes where the Fichting and nazi and Ukranian mass murders were. The most ferocious others must have been tried convicted and either executed or sent to labor camps.

It is likely that a Substantial numbers of the Polish Pow,S-Military officers, Police Men and Guards of either in repression of or atrocities against Soviet Troops-Communist trade unionist ore workers peasants or Belorussian, Ukrainian and jewish schools or institutions, The Sovietunion would have procecuted them. It is also likely that some Polish Pow,s were sentenced to labor in areas that were captured by the Germans when they invaded the USSR in 1941 and subsequently executed as Guligowski and Malowiejski were.

Former NKVD men Soprunenko, Tokarev and Syromiatnikon testified that they know of some executions of Polish prisoners. So there,s no reason to doubt that the Soviets did shoot some Poles. Buth the discoveries at Volodymyr-Volynskiy prove that the transit or schipment documents do not record the schipping of the prisoners to execution. This is the basis of the official version of the Katyn massacre, It has now been proven False. The Polish Pow,s were not being schipped to execution when the camps they were in were closed in april-may 1940. I predict that in mainstream, Le anticommunist-academia the discourse about the Katyn Massacre wil change very Little. Mainstream anti-communism is motivated far more by political correctnes by political motives than by ani desire to discover the Truth. When mainstream anti communist scholarschip does mention the Volodymyr-Volynskiy discoveries, It wil be only to try to dismiss them one way of attemting to do so is demonstrated in the Ukranian archaeological report citeo below to claim that the NKVD carried out these executions other similar subterfuges can be invented the central importance of these discoveries for an objective understanding of this infamous historical event wil be denied at all costs. Perhaps the polish archaeologist,s report anticipated this by relegating the finding of Kuligowski,s badge to a Footnote. It could be considered a principler and even courageous act by this archaeologist Dr Dominika Sieminska to reveal the discovery of the badge and to give the important details about it in the report no matter how minimized and downplayed No one compelled here to insert this information which directs the attentive reader to the contradiction between the discovery at Volodymyr-Volyns,kiy and the official version of Katyn questioning of the official version is not tolerated in the public sphere in Poland. one hopes that Dr Sieminska,s career wil not suffer because of her adherence to scientific objectivity.

The reports of the Ukranian part of the same team does not mention the discovery of either badge moreover the Ukranian report goes out of this way to suggest that the Soviets migt still somehow be responsible for the mass executions. it protests the finding of the Polish report that the graves used the jeckeln system since it only began to be used by the nazi,s at the end of 1941 and the beginning of 1942. No evedence is included in support of this claim. The Ukranian report mentions the fact that the German shell casings found were from 1941. But then states, It is known that Soviet organs of the NKVD used German weapons in mass executions of Polish citizens. In the burial pits were found identical shelss mainly of 9 mm caliber.most of them have the mark"DNH" (Production of the Factory werk Durlach in Karlsruhe Germany) and "Kam"( Production of the Hasac Factory in Skarzysko-Kamiena Poland) of 1941. However a fieuw shells of Soviet type were also found. Al these requires further research in as much as it is not objective to affirm that the shootings were carried out by the hitlerites wen shells of Soviet type were found in the pits facts are known (Including the facts of the shootings of Polish military men at Katyn) That the Soviet organs of the NKVD used German weapons in shootings. these identifying marks on shell casings are known as Headstamps according to the analysis by Segei Strygin.


There are some problems with the conclusion in the Ukranian report. First it is an example of circular reasoningh. It asumes that the mass killings at Katyn which even the Germans admit ted were carried out with German ammunition was a Soviet crime. But that is the very assumption that the discoverys at Volodymyr-Volyns,kiy call in to questionsend, It assumes that even the overwelming preponderange of German ordnance is not enough to establish that the killings were done by the Germans, since the Soviets could also use the German ammunition no doubt this is the reason the Ukranian report does not give the numbers of shells or the persentage of them that are German and of 1941 manufacture. The Ukranian reports should have added that Germans could also use Soviet ammunitions.The Germans captured immense amounts of Soviet arms and ammunition in 1941. The Ukranian report does that women clutching children to their breasts were also found in the mass graves. There are no examples anywhere of the Soviet NKVD shooting children.

Ukranian archaeologist Olekseizlato Horskyy has pointed out the political raised by the Polish Archaeologist,s identification of the Germans as the murderers

The only already we known crimes of the NKVD in relation to Polish officers is the Katyn massacre-to be more precise, The offical version of the Katyn Massacre,Prof Zlato Horskyy does not explain how the Polish report casts doubt upon the official version of Katyn. The Ukranian report cited above appears to be a shorter perhaps internet version of a longer report written by Zlato Horskyy and two other Ukranian archaeologists. So Panishko and  MP Vashetaithis report amits any mention of Kuligowski, Malowiejski or their badges-its appendix does not include photographs also found in the Polish report among them are a photo of the policemen.

Even we set a side all the evidence that the Germans killed the victims at Volodymyr-Volyns,kiy, there remains the fact that most of the ammunition used was manufactured in 1941. The transit or Schipmentdocuments are of april-may 1940. Kuligowski and Malowiejskiy could have been killed earlier than 1941. No one has suggested that they were killed in Kalinin and Kharkiv in april-may 1940 and then their badges brougt to a mass grave in Volodymyr-Volynskiy hundreds of miles away, and there thrown into the burial pit. Kuligowski and Malowiejski were indeed schipped out of their Pow camps in april 1940 as recorded in the Soviet transit lists published by Tucholski in 1991.But neither of them was being sent to execution. They were killed in 1941 in Volodymyr-Volyns,kiy, Ukranian SSR according to the evidence, now available, They were killed by the Germans. But this is not important for our present purposes what is important is this:, It is invalid to conclude that any of the Polish Pow Camps in april-may 1940 were being sent to their deats. This in itself disproves the official version of the Katyn massacre.


The opinions of persons who are motivated by a desire to learn the truth about Katyn as about Historical questions generally can be altered by the evidence discovered at Volodymyr-Volyns,kiy this can happen only if the news of the discovery, and of its implications for the understanding of the Katyn issue, becomes widely known and understanding.This is no easy matter-aside from a small number of researchers what most people learn about the Katyn issue reflects the official version discussion of Katyn is actively discouraged in Mainstream academic and political circles under the pretext that the matter has been so firmly established by evidence that only cranks and communists could question it. However the very act of discouraging free discussion and doubts about the official vieuwpoint has the potential to stimulate curiousity and questioning.The End