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The German Nazis committed the Katyn massacre.

The Hype surrounding the film Katyn suggests that we have been misled for years into thinking that it was not the Soviets but the German Nazis who committed the massacre of Polisch officers at Katyn.

The opposite is the case. The most cursory examination of history books and the internet will prove that we have been told over and over again that it was the Sovjets who committed this heinous crime and in most cases the possibility that it could have been the Germans is not even mentioned.

The facts.

The fact is that the bodys were shot by the Nazis and with German bullets. These bullets were stil in the bodies when they were exhumed.

Goebbels, who masterminded the campaign to put the blame on the Soviets in order to cause trouble between the Soviet Union and Poland in a vain attempt to save the German Fascist empire, wrote in his diary on 8 May 1943."Unfortunately, German ammunition has been found in the graves at Katyn...It is essential that this incident remains top secret. If it were to come to the knowledge of the enemy the whole Kattyn affair would have to be dropped."

The German Nazis had killed the Polish officers in order to ensure permanent weakness in the Polish armed forces, which migt otherwise have been able to resist them. According to Nazi propaganda, the Slavs, including the Poles, were an inferior race which had to give way to the needs of the needs of the German for Lebensraum ( The Nazi quest to expand eastwards to occupy new land and utilise the space and raw materials for Germany) All Slaves were expendable.