By Wireles to The New York Times.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden,June 28-The Story of the mass graves at Katyn, which caused a World sensation two years ago, was a propaganda stunt staged by Goebbels and Ribbentrop to cause a split between Russia and her western allies, says a report received here trough special channels that is supported by a messeage from Oslo tonicht. A Himmler close collaborator, SS Brigade Leader Schellenberg, is decleared to have given this sensational information during an examination at Allied Headquarters in Germany last Tuesday, He is quoted as saying that 12.000 bodys were taken from German concentration camps and attired in old Polish uniforms to make them appear to be Polish officers.

Tonicht a coroborative report was received from Oslo, where Eric Johansen-recently repatriated prisoner from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany-tells an interesting story about German production of false identification documents for bodys in Katyn mass graves.

Johansen says a special section of the concentration camp was completely isolated and strongly guarded by SS men, where upon forty to sixty Jewish prisoners were picked out to forge the documents. They received the best optical instruments obtainable so the work could be done to perfection .They made passports, letters etc, and even wallets, which were treated with a special chemical fluid to make them look worm.

Before the German capitulation all machines, instruments and material used were destroyed and the Jewish specialist were killed to prevent the secret from getting out, he said.